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VIP Speakers In Malaysia

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Mr. A.B. Lee, Malaysia
Marine Conservationist / Underwater Photographer

AB Lee is no stranger to many Malaysian and International divers. He is a passionate advocator for marine conservation, and a committed underwater photographer. Highly respected for his originality and innovativeness, AB constantly manages to produce some of the most impressive images of Malaysian waters and its stunning marine life. His illustrious works have earned him multiple awards and he continues to add to his vast collections of spectacular images. AB Lee’s highly popular underwater photography workshops for the past 16 years and marine conservation programs have been instrumental in making divers and non-divers more conscious of our local marine treasures and the need to preserve this fragile environment for our future generations.
Mr. Patrick Ong, Malaysia
Photographer / Writer

Certified to dive since 1997, his fascination with the ocean continues. In 2008, he began committing to underwater photography, like a love affair with the sea. ‘Passion’ is the word that has kept him going in this sport for 21 years. He is a strong influencer, leading the rest of the people who knew him to become divers as well besides spreading his knowledge on marine environment and conservation to many others around him.
Mr. Kenji Cheow, Malaysia
Underwater Photographer / Dive Master

Known as the "Crazy Malaysian" among his friends and started diving in the Philippines since 2011. He got certified as a PADI Dive master in 2015 but has based himself on a quiet beach called Juara on the east side of Tioman Island, Malaysia since 2014. Partnering with the Amigo Dive Center, he has explored and discovered new dive sites with his fellow colleagues due to their passion in underwater macro critters and underwater macro photography.
Ms. Ipah Uid, Malaysia

Malaysian Photographer Ipah Uid became an underwater photographer after she left the Airlines in early 2000. An award winning photographer, a mother of six kids and a full time PADI Instructor, she also owns her Dive centre called UrbanIsland Divers in Pulau Perhentian Malaysia. Her passion of the sea started when she overcame her fear of water. Wanting to learn more about photography, she came up with her own sense of style pushing the limits to all compact cameras and showing the best way to get amazingly creative shots. Sharing knowledge about underwater photography and teaching new divers to appreciate life in the ocean to a whole new level are her main objectives nowadays.
Ms. Lilian Koh, Singapore

Lilian Koh started diving in 2000 after a close encounter while snorkeling with manta rays. She continued to explore the wonders of the ocean after her certification and her passion for scuba diving deepened when she took up underwater photography. Lilian feels that the Ocean reveals its secrets, a little at a time, constantly luring you back, wanting more. She is fascinated by small critters, hence her love for macro photography. She manages to let them shine through in her photographs and gradually attracts a following on social media. For more information visit www.facebook.com/liliankohphotography
Mr. Julian Hyde, UK

Julian is a scientist by training, with a degree in biochemistry. He moved to Malaysia in 1998, initially managing an environmental consulting company in KL before moving to Tioman Island to pursue his dream of running his own dive centre, which he did for six years. It was during that time that he became interested in Reef Check. In 2006 he moved back to KL to pursue other business opportunities. Having raised some seed funding, he worked with a team to establish Reef Check Malaysia (RCM) as a registered NGO in Malaysia. Since then he has continued to raise funds for the organisation and to develop its programmes which now include a national annual coral reef survey programme, education programmes for schools, community-based projects and reef rehabilitation programmes.
Mr. Lee KianLie, Malaysia
Underwater Cave Explorer/Advance Trimix CCR Technical Diver/SDI Open Water Scuba Instructor/PADI Freediving Instructor

Lee Kian Lie is a technical underwater cave explorer. He had previously explored North West Malaysia, Ipoh, Kuantan (Malaysia), Sulawesi, etc. He is currently doing cave exploration project at Sg Lembing Malaysia with his exploration team. Sg Lembing Mines is one of the deepest (700 meter depth) Tin Mines in the world that had stopped operation since year 1986. He had found a passage to the Mining area which rated depth at 50 meter and few other potential passages that need to be explored further possible with CCR. Besides, he also discovered possible new species of underwater marine life which had yet to be identified. Mr. Lee will continue to pursue his passion in discovering the underwater world that yet been explored.
Mr. Paul Sack, Malaysia
Malaysia Freediving National Records Holder/Freediving Instructor

Paul Sack is the Malaysian freediving champion. He currently holds 5 out of 6 national records in the competitive aspect of freediving. Paul is also a certified instructor to teach AIDA, Molchanovs and PADI freediving courses. He views freediving not only as a hobby but also a way of life for a healthier living. When Paul is not holding his breath, he enjoys sharing his passions for life with friends. He also likes para-motoring, travelling and photography.
Ms. Stacy Chee, Malaysia
Founder & Co-Owner of Moby-Tek Dive Centre / Technical Diving Instructor

Stacy has been involved in diving for 14 years. Her passion for marine life and diving leads her to develop a love for underwater photography which she now does in partnership with Sony Malaysia as a Key Opinion Leader. Combined with her passion for deep technical diving she hopes to show all her friends and family what lies in the depths which may be unimaginable for some. She is the founder and co-owner of Moby-Tek Dive Centre on Tioman Island where she teaches recreational and technical dive courses.
Mr. Nicholas Attenborough, Malaysia
Co-Owner of Moby-Tek Dive Centre / RAID Technical Instructor Trainer / RAID CCR Instructor

Nicholas has been diving for 11 years and is passionate about scuba diving especially deep technical diving. Unlike most divers who started diving with “diving”, he began his career in dive equipment maintenance for before he actually became a diver in 2008. He became an instructor in 2 years later, and started working with different dive stores and resort operations in the region. He now co-owns Moby-Tek Dive Centre on Tioman Island and has become a Technical Instructor Trainer and CCR Instructor with RAID.
Dr. Azhar Hussin, Malaysia
Marine Scientist / Scuba Diving Instructor / Freediving Instructor

Dr. Azhar Hussin completed his PhD in the University of London in 1983. In his career as a lecturer and a researcher at the University of Malaya he has conducted research in ancient sediments both clastic sediments and carbonates of various geological ages in various parts of the world. He also studied modern sedimentation and sedimentary environments in terrestrial and marine environments. Since the 2000 till he retired in 2011, he was also involved in the setting up of the Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences, a Research Institute in the University of Malaya. As a marine scientist, Dr. Azhar is an avid diver, in both scuba and freediving. His main interest is to study modern carbonate deposits in particular the relationship between marine processes, reef geomorphology and biota distribution in the tropical areas. More recently, with his training and technical diving, he ventured in to the deeper parts of the marine realm as well as researching in old submerged mines and caves. He also teaches scuba diving and freediving.
Ms. Azua Shafii, Malaysia
Malaysian Female Freediving Champion / SSI Freediving instructor / Founder of Apnea Odyssey

Azua Shafii is a Malaysian female freediving champion who holds multiple records for the freediving sport in Malaysia and South East Asia. She is the first SSI Freediving instructor in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. She founded Apnea Odyssey, a dive centre solely dedicated to the promotion and coaching in freediving. While being the first instructor in the country, she still remains the most experienced freediving instructor with over 300 certified new freedivers. In this capacity she is determined to promote freediving and encourage more Malaysian members to represent the country and compete in the international arena. As an educator and competitor, she believes that instructors should have strong work ethic and continuously strive to improve their skills in freediving.
Ms. Emily Yong, Brunei
Marine Biologist/ Secretary of Reef Check Brunei/National Coordinator of Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (Brunei Darussalam)

While working on reef studies, Emily realized that there is a lack of awareness on marine conservation in Brunei Darussalam, thus, began her journey on the marine world in the country. As a secretary for Reef Check Brunei, Emily oversees all operation and works with various partners including government, corporates and local NGOs. She has also participated in overseas workshop including YSEALI Marine Debris Expedition (MDE), Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit and the ASEAN Marine Conservation Workshop. Emily hopes to bring in more positive impact in raising marine awareness in the country. Her current projects include Mineral Accretion Project; using the patented BioRockTM technology to enhance coral growth in Pulau Pelong-Pelongan and Project Map-Ocean-Debris; using map as a visual tool to tackle the root source of marine debris and identify areas prone to debris accumulation.
Dr. Philip Lim, Malaysia
Conservationist/Reef Builder

Dr. Philip Lim is a conservation diver and the Sectary General of the nonprofit, N.G.O. MALAYSIAN REEF ECO-CONSERVATION SOCIETY. While pursuing his diving hobby, noticed a depleting number of reefs and have decided to start researching on the ways to save our reefs. With research and learning from other conservation programs, he now spends more time in promoting conservation methods and sharing his knowledge and methods to help other likeminded divers in the many ways to upcycle, build artificial reefs, to promote marine life and propagate corals. Working closely with resort owners, NGOs and other conservationist they have successfully deployed a mineral accretion reef in the east coast of Malaysia fully powered by renewable energy and are in collaboration to deploy a few more structures this year. At the same time working to create wave breakers to be used as reefs and to control shore line erosion.
Mr. Mohd Faisal Abdur Rani, Malaysia
Secretary of Trash Hero Malaysia / Leader of Trash Hero Kuala Lumpur

For 3 years, Faisal has executed and implemented, green business development, community empowerment and development, sustainable waste management training and awareness programmes in companies, communities and schools. These programmes include waste audits, cleanups, report writing, and waste to wealth workshops such as eco-bricks, composting, and events waste management. With a total experience of 8 years in management, business development, and technical consultancy. The vast experience in the various industry, looking in optimization and sustainability development.
Mr. Hj Syed Abd Rahman, Malaysia
Founder & Director of Kids Scuba Malaysia/Ambassador of Diveheart Malaysia

Hj Syed Abd Rahman is the Advisor for the National Dive Council NDC Malaysia under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture MOTAC Putrajaya and the Chairman for the WG1 TC228 ISO Recreational Scuba Diving Standards committee Malaysia. Hj Syed has been appointed as the PADI US Advisory Board on Youth Diving Education and Adaptive Techniques Specialty Training. Hj. Syed loves teaching and motivating Kids and Teens in the sports of Scuba Diving. His passion in the sport has motivated Syed to start Kids Scuba in 2004. Scuba diving has changed his perception and awareness of the marine environment. The importance to instill conservation awareness to the kids and teenagers while being comfortable with children, Hj. Syed is committed to share knowledge with them to help make the dreams of many who wants to be a scuba diver into a reality. His dedication and commitment to promote scuba diving for Kids, Teens, Orphan and Disabled youth has earned International Awards & Recognition for Kids Scuba since 2005 to date.
Ms. Adelina Chan, Malaysia
SSI Mermaid Instructor/Mermaid Model/Mermaid Performer

Adelina is a mermaid instructor, mermaid model, and experienced mermaid performer. Besides, she is also a commercial talent and actress as well. Adelina very much involves in conservation and performs for charity. For this moment, she devotes herself to marine conservation and is awarded as Marine Ambassador.
Mr. Jeethvendra Kirishnamoorthie, Malaysia
Science Officer of TRACC/Conservationist

After completing his BSc Marine Biology at University Malaysia Terengganu, Jeeth decided on a career path in marine conservation with Tropical Research And Conservation Centre (TRACC) Borneo. The path led Jeeth to field science involving coral reef restoration, sea turtle conservation and reef monitoring efforts. Passionate in contributing to the environment and field studies at TRACC, he focuses on projects involving artificial reefs, Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations (BRUVS) and Crown-of-Thorns Management. He spends his time on a tiny island, Pom Pom Island in Sabah that once faced obliteration from blast fishing, working to restore it to a heaven it once was.
Mr. Anuar Abdullah, Malaysia
Founder of Ocean Quest Global/ Training Director for Sea Shepherd Dive, Coral Propagation Program

Mr. Anuar Abdullah is the founder of Ocean Quest Global and the training director for Sea Shepherd Dive, Coral propagation program. Ocean Quest Global is actively undertaking coral reef rehabilitation in Southeast Asia and beyond. For the conservation work that he is doing, he designed and promotes its system which is the first and only fully natural and organic technique for coral reef restoration. He also wrote the books and education system for the coral reef rehabilitation. Today, my organization has expanded to Europe, Africa, and South America. As a speaker he is active in the region; as a conservation activist he has led many regional coral rehabilitation projects including at Maya Bay in Thailand. There he works closely with the Marine National Park Operation Center. His projects also spans through Indonesia, Brunei, and Philippines.
Mr. Mohd Zikri Omar, Malaysia
Researcher and Staff of Seahorse Translational Project at University Malaysia Terengganu

UMT (University of Malaysia Terengganu) -KPT TRANSLASIONAL SEASON 2017-2019 or known as PROJECT UNDUK2 was developed on the basis of the 5 Core Areas that are supported by 17 Specific Target Areas (Touch Point) which include among them are species conservation programs, habitat & research development (R & D), 100 “Mukim Pantai” Community & 20 Student Entrepreneurs (jobless) and the Corporate Strategic Relations Program (Corporate Sponsorship Program). The development program started in 2006 - now recognizes population pressure & seawater potential from various perspectives. A total of more than 25 metric tons of unique living species is harvested from habitats involving more than 80 countries that trade them for a variety of purposes, especially human health aspects. Among the recognition obtained from The Malaysia Book of Record (MBOR) Malaysia in 2015 was the First Seahorse Sanctuary in Malaysia involving a total of 200 seahorses (Hippocampus horses) released into its original habitat in Sungai Pulai (Pulai River), Johor. The sustainability of this unique life is closely related to synergies from private sector agencies and real owners of local communities.
Events & Programs
15 February 2019 (Friday, 11:00am-8:00pm)
Time Program Venue
06:00-06:40pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Ms. Ipah Uid
Topic: Art with Colored Torches for Compacts
Stage A
06:50-07:30pm Mermaid Seminar by Ms. Adelina Chan
Topic: Mermaid -- New Underwater Fitness Craze
Stage A
16 February 2019 (Saturday, 11:00am-8:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:20-01:00pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Mr. Mohd Faisal Abdur Rani (Trash Hero)
Topic: Single-Use Plastic: Refuse, Reduce and How to Manage It for a Sustainable Ecosystem
Stage A
01:10-01:50pm Person with Disabilities Seminar by Mr. Hj Syed Abd Rahman (Diveheart)
Topic: Diveheart -- Imagine the Possibilities
Stage A
02:00-02:40pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Mr. Mohd Zikri Omar (Scuba Network Tenggol Sdn Bhd)
Topic: Sea Horse Conservation through Edu-Tourism & Corporate Sponsorship Program
Stage A
02:45-03:25pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Mr. Julian Hyde (Reef Check Malaysia)
Topic: Moving towards a Sustainable Dive Industry
Stage A
03:30-04:10pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Nicholas Attenborough
Topic: We're Not That Different -- A Look at Evolving Recreational Diving Practices Borrowed from the Technical World
Stage A
04:15-04:55pm Freediving Seminar by Dr. Azhar Hussin
Topic: Expanding and Supporting the Growing Interest in Freediving
Stage A
05:05-05:45pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. A.B. Lee
Topic: Hidden Ocean Beauty: Seascapes – Macro – Black Water
Stage A
05:50-06:30pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Patrick Ong
Topic: My Underwater Photo Sucks! -- Underwater Wide Angle Photography
Stage A
06:40-07:20pm Freediving Seminar by Ms. Azua Shafii
Topic: The Differences between Recreational and Competitive Freediving
Stage A
07:30-08:00pm Lucky Draw Stage A
12:30-01:10pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Mr. Anuar Abdullah (Ocean Quest)
Topic: True and Fake in Global Coral Conservation
Stage B
01:20-02:00pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Mr. Jeethvendra Kirishnamoorthie (Tropical Research and Conservation Centre)
Topic: The Deadly Slope, Drowning Reef and Determined Divers
Stage B
02:10-02:50pm Mermaid Seminar by Ms. Adelina Chan
Topic: Mermaid -- New Underwater Fitness Craze
Stage B
03:00-03:40pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Ms. Emily Yong (Oceanic Quest Brunei)
Topic: Beyond the Reefs of Brunei Darussalam
Stage B
03:50-04:30pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Ms. Ipah Uid
Topic: Wide Angle for Compact Users
Stage B
04:40-05:20pm Freediving Seminar by Mr. Paul Sack
Topic: Freediving as a Lifestyle
Stage B
05:30-06:10pm Technical Diving Seminar by Ms. Stacy Chee
Topic: How Do You Start Technical Diving
Stage B
06:20-07:00pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Lee Kian Lie
Topic: Cave Exploration in Sulawesi
Stage B
03:00-05:00pm NAUI Member Update (Member Only) Seminar Room
17 February 2019 (Sunday, 11:00am-6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:30-01:10pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Dr. Philip MK Lim
Topic: Artificial Reefs -- What Works and What Doesn’t
Stage A
01:20-02:00pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Kenji Cheow
Topic: Dreamland
Stage A
02:10-02:50pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Lee Kian Lie
Topic: Cave Exploration in Malaysia
Stage A
03:00-03:40pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Ms. Lilian Koh
Topic: BLACK MAGIC -- Black Water Photography
Stage A
03:50-04:30pm Technical Diving Seminar by Ms. Stacy Chee
Topic: 100m below Sea Level
Stage A
04:40-05:20pm Freediving Seminar by Mr. Paul Sack
Topic: Competitive Freediving
Stage A
05:20-06:00pm Lucky Draw Stage A
01:00-01:40pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Nicholas Attenborough
Topic: We're Not That Different -- A Look at Evolving Recreational Diving Practices Borrowed from the Technical World
Stage B
01:50-02:30pm Freediving Seminar by Ms. Azua Shafii
Topic: The Road Travelled to Become a Professional Freediver
Stage B
02:40-03:20pm Technical Diving Seminar by Dr. Azhar Hussin
Topic: Support and Opportunities for the Diving Community and Industry
Stage B
03:30-04:10pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Patrick Ong
Topic: My Underwater Photo Sucks! – Underwater Macro Photography
Stage B
04:20-05:00pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. A.B. Lee
Topic: Hidden Ocean Beauty: Seascapes – Macro – Black Water
Stage B
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3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS FUN DIVES PACKAGE for 2 persons (twin-sharing) (USD610)
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Tenggol Coral Beach Resort

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