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Post Report DRT SHOW Malaysia 2019
15-17 February 2019

DRT SHOW Starts a Whole New Level for Malaysian Diving Expo

Diving, Resort, and Travel Expo (DRT SHOW) Malaysia 2019 had a hugely successful ending in Kuala Lumpur (PWTC). The 3-day event was accompanied by a series of entertaining events including Professional Seminars, Be an Ocean Saver Challenge Project, 100 Star Underwater Photo Gallery, Lucky Draw, Kids Zone, Ocean Culture Fair, Video Room, Online Voting Vlog Competition, Photo Booth, New Product Showcase, Rock Painting Workshop, Color to Care, and so on.

During DRT SHOW Malaysia 2019, we also celebrated the “World Whale Day” with all the visitors and exhibitors by decorating a huge whale in the lobby of trade show center.


Professional Seminars were delivered by our fabulous VIPs with exclusive and phenomenal subjects such as People with Disabilities, Marine Conservation, Technical Diving, Mermaid, Freediving, Scuba Diving, and UW Photography. Thanks to all prestigious speakers for giving us educational lessons.

100 Star Underwater Photo Gallery is also an amazing platform for underwater photographers to tell stories through their artworks. During the three days expo, visitors were invited to vote for their favorite photo. The most voted winner of this activity is photo title “Under the Sun”, shot by Ms. Izan Mohd. DRT SHOW appreciates Divesea Malaysia for sponsoring a grand prize – SAGA Magic Ball - for 100 Star UW Photo Gallery.


This year, Ocean Culture Fair finally landed at DRT SHOW Malaysia. Stores brought their innovative products which are related to ocean culture to ocean lovers. Visitors were happily shopping for creative ocean-culture-related accessories.

“Be an Ocean Saver Challenge” is a project allowing participants to realize the ocean crisis we are facing, and to learn how to save the ocean by completing missions at designate booths. This project was supported by several NGOs such as Malaysian Nature Society, Ocean Quest Global, Ocean Seeds Conservation Association, Reef Check Malaysia, The MareCet Research Organization, Trash Hero, and Tropical Research and Conservation Centre (TRACC). Through interesting and educational challenges organized by those NGOs, participants could learn about how to protect our ocean by simple steps.



With more than 102 booths showcased and with various diving equipment, the show attracted 16,145 water-sport lovers from all over the world, especially in Asia-Pacific. There were lots of potential buyers and media came to DRT SHOW looking for investment in Malaysia market. Most impressively, feedbacks receiving from exhibitors and buyers during these 3 days show that Malaysia still has large potential in the diving industry. DRT SHOW Malaysia was also supported by Philippine Department of Tourism and diving training agencies such as National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) and Diving Instructor World Association (DIWA).

As an organizer of a dive expo, DRT SHOW will hold the show again in 2020 to improve and lead the development of the diving industry in the Asia-Pacific. We will keep providing the most professional and high-quality service on Malaysia diving value and culture. DRT SHOW Malaysia 2019 would like to say thank you to every participant for attending the show and making us special. DRT SHOW Malaysia will see you in 2020, meanwhile, we will be working harder and greater because you deserve better.

More information regarding our vision for diving industry, please visit the official website: www.malaysiadiveexpo.com
or Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/DRTShowMY/


DRT Show 2019 Visitor Report
Statistic -Percentage(%) of Visitors during DRT Show
DRT Show 2109 International Visitor
Statistic -Percentage(%) of International Visitors during DRT Show
Date Numbers of visitor
15 February 2019 2,463
16 February 2019 6,578
17 February 2019 7,104
Total 16,145
* Source: computer calculation and registration data.
Region Percentage (%)
Malaysia 56%
China 13%
Taiwan 6%
Japan 1%
Korea 1%
Singapore 3%
Indonesia 2%
Thailand 1%
Hong Kong 6%
Europe 2%
USA 2%
Other 7%
DRT SHOW 2019 Malaysia Purpose of Visit
Statistic -Percentage(%) Purpose of visit
Purpose of visit Percentage (%)
Attend seminars 48%
Evaluate for participation at next show 69%
Purchase/place orders 81%
Gather information 48%
Source new products/services 34%
Make contact, visit supplier/principal 81%
Others 4%
* Percentage adds up to more than 100 percent because this is a multiple choice question.

VIP Speakers:
Mr. A.B. Lee, Ms. Adelina Chan, Dr. Azhar Hussin, Ms. Azua Shafii, Ms. Ipah Uid, Mr. Kenji Cheow, Mr. Lee Kian Lie, Ms. Lilian Koh, Mr. Nicholas Attenborough, Mr. Patrick Ong, Mr. Paul Sack, Dr. Philip Lim, Ms. Stacy Chee, Mr. Anuar Abdullah, Ms. Emily Yong, Mr. Hj Syed Abd Rahman, Mr. Jeethvendra Kirishnamoorthie, Mr. Julian Hyde, Mr. Mohd Faisal Abdur Rani, and Mr. Mohd Zikri Omar.

Prize Sponsors:
DIWA, EZDIVE, FDiver Diving Academy, Dive In Apparel & Adventure Sdn Bhd, Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa Redang Island, Scuba Network Tenggol, Rip Curl, Divesea Malaysia, Deepblu Inc., Tenggol Coral Beach Resort, Mimpi Perhentian Resort Sdn Bhd, Oceanic Quest / RCB, Quiver Dive Team, and Scuba Junkie.

Media Partners:
Action Asia, BLU Inc., Dive Indonesia, EZDIVE, Malaysia Asia, Dive The World, Malaysia Exhibitions & Events, Dive New Zealand / Dive Pacific, HelloDive, and磨房.

Exhibitor Category:
Dive Clubs, Diving Resorts, Tourism Boards, Travel Agency, Live-aboard Dive Operators, Training Certification Agencies, Dive & Watersport Operators, Dive Organizations & Institutions, Marine Conservation Organizations, Underwater Photography and Videography, Diving-related Magazine and Electronic Media, Dive and Watersport Equipment Manufacturers


DRT SHOW Malaysia 2020

Time: February 2020 (Date will be announced soon)
Venue: To be announced

Supported By:
  • The ONLY Diving Expo in Asia Pacific is supported by AUF (Asian Underwater Federation).
  • The ONLY Diving Expo in Asia Pacific is supported by General Administration of Sport of China (HR Resources Development Center), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Guangdong Vocational Institute of Sport, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT), Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPBP), Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), Okinawa Prefecture Government, Okinawa Convention & Visitor Bureau (OCVB), Japan Recreational Diving Association (JRDA), Japan Wetsuits Manufacturers Association (JWMA), Japan Scuba Association (JSA).
  • The ONLY Diving Expo in Asia Pacific is supported by PADI, NAUI, SDI TDI ERDI, UTD, RAID, DIWA, CMAS, PSAI, DAN, IANTD, ANDI, IRD.
  • The ONLY Diving Expo is supported by Hong Kong Underwater Association (HKUA), China Underwater Association (CUA), and Macau Underwater Club (MUC).
  • DRT SHOW is the ONLY Diving and Resort Expo in Asia Pacific supported by more than 30 media partners worldwide.
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